Common Ground

Common Ground w/ Angelo Hightower: Saturday Mornings 8-8:30am (each new episode will be posted within 30 minutes after airtime)

Common Ground: 9-24-22 (Van Ikner Candidate for State Represenative)

Common Ground: 7-9-22 (Sheila Ren Home Health Care Specialist)

Common Ground: 6-25-22 (David Shestokas Candidate for IL Attorney General Part 2)

Common Ground: 5-21-22 (David Shestokas Candidate for IL Attorney General)

Common Ground: 5-14-22 (Tom Logan Marion Medical Mission Part 2)

Common Ground: 5-7-22 (Tom Logan Marion Medical Mission)

Common Ground: 4-16-22 (Grayson Gile Former Pulaski County State's Attorney)

Common Ground: 4-9-22 (Evie Barton WSIL TV3 Anchor)

Common Ground: 4-2-22 (David England Local Financial Expert)

Common Ground: 3-26-22 (Shane Walker Fight Fitness 618)

Common Ground: 2-19-22 (Judge Amanda Gott)

Common Ground: 2-12-22 (Jason Plichta MPD K9 CARES)

Common Ground: 2-5-22 (Jane Reneau Retired Major IDOC Part 2)

Common Ground: 1-29-22 (Jane Reneau Retired Major IDOC)

Common Ground: 1-15-22 (John Steve Director Herrin House of Hope)

Common Ground with Carbondale Police Chief Stan Reno: 10/2/2021

Common Ground Jackson County States Attorney: 10-9-21

Common Ground 10-16-21 (Marion Police Officer JD Dwyer)

Common Ground: 10-23-21 (Maranda Recovering Drug Addict)

Common Ground: 10-30-21 (Teri Wallace Cancer Survivor)

Common Ground: 11-6-21 (Jennifer Gulley Medical-Legal Advocate The Women's Center Marion, IL)

Common Ground: 11-13-21 (Daniel Booth Carbondale HS Superintendent)

Common Ground: 11-20-21 (Tom Harness-Army Veteran)

Common Ground: 11-27-21 (Kati-Human Resource Consultant)

Common Ground: 12-4-21 (Tina Carpenter CEO Boys & Girls Club of Southern IL)

Common Ground: 12-11-21 (Roger Minton Army Combat Veteran)


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