Dare To Care

DARE To Care w/ Dr. Elaine Jurkowski: Saturday Mornings: 8:30-9:00AM (each new episode will be posted within 30 minutes after airtime)

Dare to Care: 2-24-24 (Lenten Season)

Dare to Care: 2-17-24 (Recreation Therapy Month)

Dare to Care: 2-10-24 (Valentine's Day)

Dare to Care: 2-3-24 (Black History Month)

Dare to Care: 1-27-24 (10th Anniversary Show with Kent Mattox)

Dare to Care: 1-20-24 (United Nations Human Rights Awardy Showcase)

Dare to Care: 1-13-24 (Speech and Debate, Forensics and It's Impact)

Dare to Care: 1-6-24 (New Year's Resolutions)


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